CTM Helps Clients achieve:

1.Increased profitable sales growth
2.Reduced non performing costs
3.Improved productivity
4.Prioritized low risk, high return strategies
5.Protection against lower cost competition
6.Increased financial strength, lender satisfaction
7.Exceptional ROI to execute the above strategies successfully



Real-time Budgeting Solutions:



Cashteck BBI:

Bottling the lightning of successful CEO tools, tips and business analytics at all phases of the business cycle


Our proven performance model supported by our expert team is designed to:
-Assist you at all phases of the business cycle "Know where you are, where you are going".
-Provide you with significant performance improvement within the first 30 days.
-Supply real time budgeting and financial reporting.
-Achieve measurable turnaround status within a quarter.
-Create a customized sustainable performance model for your organization.
-Restore investor, lender confidence rapidly.
-Increase shareholder value significantly.


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